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    Dr Briffa Wellness offers virtual learning in the form of webcasts and webinars.

What’s the Cost of the ‘Energy Crisis’?

While our professional lives can be engaging and rewarding, long working hours and the challenges that come with operating in competitive commercial environments can take their toll on vitality and performance. Personal costs in terms of wellbeing, effectiveness and sustainability are common, and this inevitably impacts on the bottom lines of organisations due to impaired business performance, loss of talent and missed opportunities.

The Value of ‘Taking Care of Business’

Dr Briffa Wellness is a specialist consultancy that offers real-world solutions to the issues that erode professional and business performance. Through cutting-edge science and inspirational speaking and training programmes, Dr Briffa Wellness provides the knowledge and know-how required to bring a tangible boost to personal and professional performance.

Our interventions offer unparalleled return on investment through their ability to bring:

  • enhanced personal energy and vitality
  • improved effectiveness and productivity
  • improvements in work-life balance and sustainability
  • reductions in attrition of key talent
  • improved resilience and reduced risk of burnout
  • reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism
  • enhanced reputation for the organization as a preferred employer
  • increased competitive edge and profitability

Science Fact (Not Science Fiction)

Dr Briffa Wellness provides interventions that are based on published and verified research. While the concepts and strategies are often little-known, they have nonetheless been proven to allow business professionals make significant strides forward in terms of their mental and physical wellbeing and performance. The techniques and tools have been tried-and-tested with literally thousands of individuals in diverse settings over a period of more than 20 years, with consistent and predictable results.

All the Most Effective Strategies, All in One Place

Dr Briffa Wellness interventions go way beyond the usual health focus of ‘diet and exercise’, encompassing eclectic approaches including light and sound exposure, breathing, psychology and sleep. The scientific evidence behind each factor is explored, as well as how to apply it easily in everyday life for maximum effect.

Just some of the key insights from Dr Briffa Wellness interventions include:

  • The crucial dietary tactic that ensures sustained levels of energy throughout the day with no ‘mid-afternoon slump’.
  • The common but under-recognized causes of insomnia, and how to get the sort of deep, restful sleep that leaves us fully revived in the morning.
  • The evidence that dehydration drains vitality and brainpower, and the single best guide to whether our fluid needs are being met.
  • Three practical strategies for reducing alcohol intake quite automatically and without feelings of sacrifice or deprivation.
  • Why eating less or exercising more is generally ineffective for weight loss in the long term, and what works better.
  • How certain types of music and sound can boost mood, mental performance and immune functioning.
  • The simple breathing exercise that can induce a state of calm and focus in just a few seconds.
  • How to maintain health and fitness in as time-efficient a way as possible, and without the need for a gym or exhausting exercise.
  • How to use light technology to optimise our sleep, mental functioning and mood.
  • The three simple psychological strategies that harmonise the body and mind and put us in a highly resourceful state.
  • The mental ‘trick’ for banishing bad habits and establishing healthy ones – with ease.

Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic

Dr Briffa Wellness recognises that people differ, and helps individuals identify the approaches they personally stand to benefit from the most. The focus is always on individuals acquiring practical techniques and tools that they can use on a daily basis to improve their condition, and the performance of the business as a whole.

The Power of Fun

We at Dr Briffa Wellness know that while health and wellness is a serious business, being boring about it understandably can be quite a turn-off. Our speaking and training interventions are as entertaining as they are educational, and it’s this combination that makes them memorable and impactful, ensuring they improve personal and business performance alike.

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