What We Do


figures.001Dr Briffa Wellness is a specialist business consultancy. It provides speaking and training services that empower individuals to optimise their energy and thrive in competitive and challenging commercial environments.

Dr Briffa Wellness provides interventions that tackle all the major problems associated with long working hours and pressured environments including:

  • Absenteeism
  • ‘Presenteeism’ – being present at work and ‘putting in the hours’ though, as a result of fatigue, productivity is below par.
  • Reduced effectiveness – inefficient and unproductive work practices and a reduction in discretionary effort which can impact on revenue generation and may result in missed opportunities.
  • Sustainability issues – individuals prone to these issues who do not feel supported by their organisation may seek to leave the organisation earlier than they otherwise would. Loss of talent can cost the business in terms of lost revenue, but also in terms of the expense of recruiting and training replacements.

Dr Briffa Wellness provides the information and support that allows individuals to change their thinking and behaviours in a way that ensure they can perform at high level – consistently and sustainably.


Interventions come in the form of:

1. Speaking

2. Training Programmes

3. Virtual learning via webinars and webcasts


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