Dr Briffa is renowned for his ability to provide inspiration knowledge and easy-to-apply advice regarding the optimisation of energy, wellbeing and effectiveness. Session may include content from one or more of the following areas:


Eating for optimal energy and effectiveness

Food provides fuel for the body and brain. In this section, scientific evidence and a wealth of experience are used to reveal how and what to eat in order to optimise energy, effectiveness and sustainability. The information imparted here is ‘evidence-based’, but will also equip participants with practical advice and ‘quick wins’ for effective eating throughout the day.

Insights include:

  • How and when to eat to ensure stable levels of energy throughout the day with no ‘mid-afternoon slump’.
  • The critical importance of hydration in brain function and mood, and the two keys for ensuring our fluid needs are met with ease.
  • How to determine one’s ideal frequency of eating to optimise performance.
  • Evidence-based clarity on a range of contentious issues.



Strategies for optimised sleep, wellbeing and performance

To some, sleep can seem like unproductive time. This section will reveal, though, how sleep is crucial for mental functioning, performance and decision-making, as well for maintaining general health and wellbeing.

Each participant will be given an opportunity to gauge how well their own sleep habits are meeting their needs. Simple steps that can be taken to ensure individuals get the quality of sleep required to feel properly restored and revitalised each morning will also be explored.

Insights include:

  • The role sleep has in preparing us psychologically and physiologically for optimal performance and wellbeing.
  • The common but little-known dietary factors that can wreck sleep quality, and how to solve them with ease.
  • Two environmental factors that frequently impair sleep, and how to deal with them easily effectively, wherever we are.
  • The sleep strategies that ensure we get the most out of our time in bed, leaving us properly refreshed in the morning.
  • Two simple steps for combating insomnia caused by being ‘tired and wired’.



Using intelligent light exposure to boost mental functioning, mood and general health

This section explores the impact of light on functioning of both brain and body. The section examines the role of light in mental functioning and mood, as well as its critical importance in regulating sleep.

Insights include:

  • The role of light in sleep, wellbeing and performance.
  • The specific type of light required to optimise mood and mental function.
  • Why the timing of light is critical to optimising mood, mental energy and sleep.


Activity and Exercise

Being ‘fit for business’ made easy (and time-efficient)

Most people understand that activity and exercise play an important role in health and wellbeing, but can nevertheless struggle to ‘fit it in’. This section is dedicated to providing participants with practical strategies for activities that require relatively small investment in time and effort, but return many times over in terms of their benefits for wellbeing, health and mobility.

Insights include:

  • The four big barriers to exercise, and how to surmount them.
  • Why walking is a perfectly legitimate form of exercise for maintaining many aspects of health, and a simple motivating tool that helps us ‘step up our activity’.
  • The critical importance of resistance exercise, and how to meet our needs here in the comfort of our own homes and with little or no equipment.
  • For those already fit and active, the value of ‘high intensity intermittent exercise’ for getting the benefits from exercise in an extremely time-efficient and focused way.


Mind-body tools

Harmonising body and mind to boost mood, focus and resourcefulness

Optimal performance depends not only on healthy physiology, but healthy psychology too. How we think can affect our physiology, but new evidence reveals that it works the other way too: our physiology has a direct impact on our brain function and thought processes.

This section explores cutting-edge evidence regarding the role of breathing, sound, ‘heart rate variability’ and ‘coherence’ on mental functioning, performance and resilience.

Insights include:

  • The common breathing disorder that can starve the brain of oxygen and increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and how to remedy it with a simple exercise.
  • The proven value of music in reducing the stress response and improving performance.
  • The sound technology (binaural beats) that helps to create desired mental states.
  • The importance of ‘heart rate variability’ in health and wellness, and how to enhance it with simple lifestyle strategies.
  • How to foster ‘coherence’ between the brain and heart for optimal mental functioning, performance and resourcefulness.



shutterstock_62758210Dr Briffa Wellness offers a range of corporate programmes which can incorporate a mix of plenary sessions, group- and individualised coaching. Programmes last from 1/2 to 2 days, and can be undertaken within the working environment or off-site.

These courses are designed to give professionals a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of good health and well-being, as well as practical advice on how to apply effective strategies easily and sustainably in real life.