Dr Briffa is renowned for his ability to provide inspiration knowledge and easy-to-apply advice regarding the optimisation of wellbeing, performance and resilience.

Presentations may stand alone, or may be integrated into existing events or programmes including leadership programmes, awaydays, offsites or conferences.

Session topic examples:


While many of us enjoy eating, food’s primary function is to provide fuel for the body and brain. What we eat and drink play a fundamental role in both physical and mental health, too. This webinar explores the theory and practice of dietary approaches for maintaining and even boosting energy, effectiveness and wellbeing.

Insights from this webinar include:

  • Nutritional strategies for ensuring stable levels of energy throughout the day, with no ‘mid-afternoon slump’.
  • The true importance of hydration, and the two keys to ensure our individual needs are met here with ease.
  • Why alcohol is a ‘double-edged sword’, and how to manage consumption effectively and without deprivation.
  • Simple approaches to avoiding unnecessary eating and mindless snacking at home.
  • A simple conceptual approach to healthy eating that anyone can adapt to their own preferences and tastes.


Sleep plays a crucial role in vitality, mental functioning, mood and even immunity. This webinar explores this, and uses a series of questions to which allows attendees to gauge how well their own sleep needs are being met. Most importantly, this webinar is an opportunity to discover a range of simple but effective strategies for optimising both the quantity and quality of sleep. Often, simple adjustments here can make a big difference to levels of energy, mood, wellbeing, and resourcefulness.

Insights from this session include:

  • The role sleep has in preparing us physiologically and psychologically for optimal wellbeing and performance.
  • Two common but little-known factors that can wreck sleep quality, and how to solve them with ease.
  • The relationship between light and sleep, and how to get the right sort of light exposure at the right time.
  • Why sleep needs are highly individual and can change from time-to-time, and how to gauge our own needs very easily.
  • Why it really is possible to ‘catch up on sleep’ when necessary, and the most effective strategies for this.


Most people appreciate the benefits of physical activity and exercise for health and wellbeing, but some of us can still struggle to ‘fit it in’. And some regular exercisers may have activities such as gym visits and long cycle rides curtailed by their current situation. This webinar is dedicated to providing individuals with a range of brief activities and exercise regimes that meet our wellbeing and fitness needs in our own homes, and with no or minimal equipment.

Insights from this session include:

  • How to build and maintain muscle strength using body weight only and in only a few minutes each day.
  • The one piece of exercise equipment that is cheap, small and useful for everyone in the home including young children.
  • How to use exercise equipment (such as an exercise bike, treadmill, cross-trainer or rower) to get a highly effective workout in just 10 minutes.
  • Simple routines for maintaining flexibility and mobility.
  • The under-recognised mental barrier to exercise, and how to surmount this.


At this time in particular, many people feel under unprecedented levels of stress. This can affect our thinking, decision-making and mental wellbeing, but can also impact on relationships (particularly with those at close quarters!) This webinar explores the true underlying cause of ‘stress’, and how we can use this knowledge to manage our emotions, maintain our performance and boost resourcefulness.

Insights from this webinar include:

  • The science of stress – what’s going on in the body and brain during stress, and why this can be both ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
  • During periods of stress, the mental approaches that are effective in managing our emotions, supporting our thinking, and enhancing resourcefulness.
  • The daily ‘mental exercises’ that can forge patterns of thinking to support overall performance, resilience and contentedness.
  • How to use physiological based approaches to support overall wellbeing and resilience.


Many of us imagine the act of breathing is essentially about getting oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out. However, there is a close relationship between the function of breathing and our mental state. In particular, stress can induce patterns of breathing that compounds stress, and can also provoke unwanted and unhelpful symptoms. However, consciously controlling breathing can have the opposite effect: calming stress and boosting our thinking and decision-making as it does so. This webinar explores the neuroscience and physiology of breathing, and provides practical guidance on breathing exercises that support both physical and psychological wellbeing.

Insights from this webinar include:

  • How different breathing patterns affect the level of physiological stress in the body.
  • What research tells us about how controlling our breathing effects mood and thinking.
  • A simple breathing exercise for inducing calm and alertness.
  • A daily breathing exercise to optimise both physiological and psychological functioning.
  • An advanced breathing technique for boosting wellbeing and exercise performance.


Many of the most productive people use strategies in the morning that support their energy, performance and productivity, and give themselves a forward momentum that can propel them through the day. It’s sometimes said that we need to ‘win the morning to win the day’. However, many have found that their current situation has This webinar reveals some of the most effective approaches that can be taken early in the day to ensure we get the best out of each day. The strategies explored cover a mix of energy-critical lifestyle factors, productivity tools and mental approaches. It weaves together some of the ideas from previous webinars and adds new information to these, as well as providing brand new ideas geared towards channelling high energy and performance most effectively.

Insights from this webinar include:

  • 5 strategies for optimising energy early in the day that help drive performance throughout the whole day.
  • How to make the best use of what can seem like a limited amount of time to ‘get stuff done’.
  • The pitfalls of ‘multi-tasking’, and 3 key concepts for boosting focus, concentration and the ability to ‘stick to the task’.
  • A simple morning thinking exercise that can set the right mental tone and boost focus and resourcefulness.



In an industry populated with individuals with ‘brochure knowledge’ of health and nutrition, Dr John Briffa was a breath of fresh air in giving us an insight into how to improve our health, wellness and vitality.

Ian Bolger


Dr Briffa spoke on diet and general health tips for nearly 3 hours at our conference in Berlin. Against all odds he kept a mixed and demanding audience of around 120 people totally engaged: his energetic and humorous delivery style demands attention. Even more impressively, our delegates walked away buzzing with new ideas about how to improve their health and still refer to the session over a year later – a highly memorable morning.

David Adams

Global Head of Finance & Capital Markets Training Clifford Chance

Dr Briffa delivered an outstanding session to a senior team of over 150 IBM management consultants at our annual vision and strategy event. He more than lived up to his reputation for delivering insightful, thought-provoking and lifestyle-changing health and nutrition advice to senior corporate staff. His rapid, lucid delivery, combined with his deeply-researched insights, made his session the most popular elective session of the day, with many participants talking long after the event about the impact it had made on their lifestyle.

Our most senior executives were particularly energised by his thinking and practical insights and have expressed a keen interest in a follow-up session. Above all, John’s personable warmth and engaging style make him not only a pleasure to listen to, but very easy to work with in shaping the agenda and style of his pitch to suit our audience and programme objectives.

Andi Britt

Partner – Human Capital Management – Learning Solutions, IBM Global Business Services

Delegate feedback

“A talk given by somebody with impeccable qualifications in the subject. The session was very relevant in relation to our role moving forward both personally and commercially”.

“The whole thing wad absolutely excellent. I thought 2 hours was a crazy amount of time to listen to one person non-stop, but it was interesting throughout. A lot of things he said resonated with me and, I’m sure, others.”

“Entertaining with the right mix of evidence-based explanation and simple advice and messages.”

“I found all of the session very interesting and plan to use some of the material to feed back to others in my department.”

‘I found it a really interesting and enjoyable talk. Dr Briffa made it clear that a few simple changes could make a big impact, and I was inspired to follow his suggestions. He presented the issues in a positive way, rather than coming across as negative.”

“I liked the provocative challenge on generally accepted ‘truths’, and the fact that we can achieve better quality of life with some changes in behaviour.”

“Absolutely hit the mark and was delivered in a very engaging manner.”

“The session presented by Dr Briffa was excellent. It contained thought-provoking content and was presented in an interesting manner

“Something fresh, an energy-packed delivery which made us think about things from a new perspective.”