Training Programmes

shutterstock_62758210Dr Briffa Wellness offers a range of corporate programmes which can incorporate a mix of plenary sessions, group- and individualised coaching. Programmes last from 1/2 to 2 days, and can be undertaken within the working environment or off-site.

These courses are designed to give professionals a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of good health and well-being, as well as practical advice on how to apply effective strategies easily and sustainably in real life.


In an industry populated with individuals with ‘brochure knowledge’ of health and nutrition, Dr John Briffa was a breath of fresh air in giving us an insight into how to improve our health, wellness and vitality.

Ian Bolger


John ran a half day seminar on healthy working for our team of 30 multinational Consultants. He is a lively, amusing, provocative and convincing speaker who prompts debate both in the session and long afterwards – we still hear that things are not “Briffa compliant” weeks after the event.

The session covered diet, sleep, exercise, the need for light and effective breathing – all his points are well argued, supported by research results and, ultimately, make intuitive sense. As a resultour people actually seem to use what they learned.

Ian Mann

PwC Switzerland

PwC is a professional services firm that has enjoyed an association with Dr John Briffa for 17 years. Dr Briffa is the critical instructor on the most successful and enduring development programme in PwC. There is consensus about Dr Briffa in PwC. He has a reputation for offering practical advice in an inspiring way that produces results.

I am convinced that over the years he has helped to re-energise countless individuals, including partners, staff and clients whom I know personally. The passion and the expertise ooze from every session, and so coherent is his universally applicable “big idea” which underpins his advice, that he actually succeeds where the vast majority of consultants fail. That is to say he alters the inner world of many people forever. That is the key to how he can alter their behaviour in a sustainable way.

We are convinced that Dr Briffa’s interventions makes a fantastic difference to the quality of life, productivity and effectiveness of scores of professionals in our business.

David Prosser

Senior Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers

I have worked with Dr. John Briffa for 10 years and have found him to be an extraordinarily intelligent and competent professional in his work with our firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, in Canada.

John’s knowledge of nutrition and how it impacts on the physiology and psychology of our bodies is robust and is very current in nature. John has an incredible ability to make sense of a complex topic easy to understand for non medically trained individuals

I believe we are exceptionally fortunate as a firm to have been able to work Dr. Briffa over the past 10 yearsand it is my hope that we will have yet another 10 years of his counsel and support in enhancing the nutritional and lifestyle behaviours of our senior partners.

Wayne McFarlane

Former global head of HR, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canada

Delegate feedback

“I can honestly say that this was the most useful course I have been on.”

“I liked the fact that there was no hectoring, and the information was balanced and common sense based. I found the ability of the presenters to establish fact and wipe away myth quite fascinating.”

“The course was excellent – wonderful delivery in a fun and interesting fashion.”

“The course held my attention and was interesting throughout.”

“I liked the variety and irresistible logic – very convincing!”

“The course was great fun and stimulating. Not annoying or sanctimonious in any way.”

“The facilitators were clearly very competent and I appreciated their good humoured and engaging style.”

“The tutors were excellent. I loved the fact that they combined competence and expertise with enthusiasm and fun.”

“The course really did provide me with practical strategies for helping with my work-life balance.”

“I thought the balance of nutrition, exercise and mental health was great. I also enjoyed the science of it all, which gave it a logic I can hang onto.”

“Lived up to the expectations prompted by others who had been on the course. I learned more than I expected to!”

“I found the course very interesting and practically geared, particularly with regard to how small changes can have large consequences for health and wellbeing.”

“Feel the course will be the impetus to make long lasting changes. Would recommend it wholeheartedly to my colleagues.”